Magdalena Getler

Job Title

Ex-staff (former Curation Services Officer)





Phone: +44 (0)131 650 6988


As Curation Services Officer my role is to assist research scientists in the UK and internationally in curating data through the development of web applications, online training and the provision of appropriate services. I have a vast experience in designing and evaluating interactive systems and working on a variety of technology projects, ranging from building MAM systems at BBC to designing websites.

At DCC, I led the evaluation and redesign of the Data Management Planning tool (DMPonline) by employing a variety of research methods including usability testing, heuristic evaluations, guided interviews, surveys, tool analytics, and feedback gathered on social media; created digital prototypes and closely collaborated with a leading UK design agency on a new look and feel for the product (you can view a paper from the evaluation entitled ‘DMPonline Version 4.0: user-led innovation’ at Since the launch of the new, improved interface in 2014, DMPonline has become a world leading DCC service that enables researchers to create data management plans that conform to funder requirements, local guidance and domain best practice.

An ambassador for the customer experience and participatory design, I trained colleagues in design thinking to help build better services that focus on users. In the past I worked at the BBC as Television Media Manager, embedded in production areas and assisting programme makers with metadata creation, advising on archiving and information management best practice. My background is interdisciplinary (MA in Sociology and Social Psychology and MSc, with distinction, in Information Management and Digital Preservation) and I am especially interested in working at the intersection of human behaviour, cognitive science and technology.


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