10 recommendations to get started with research data management

27 August, 2012

Ten recommendations for libraries to get started with research data management, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard et al, (July, 2012)

This is a breath of fresh air. An EU report that does exactly what it says on the tin - in only 3 pages!

The LIBER e-Science working group held three workshops at conferences in 2011-2012. Their final report very succinctly summarises the findings of these and gives 10 prioritised recommendations.

  1. Offer research data management support, including data management plans for grant applications, intellectual property rights advice and information materials. Assist faculty with data management plans and the integration of data management into the curriculum.
  2. Engage in the development of metadata and data standards and provide metadata services for research data.
  3. Create Data Librarian posts and develop professional staff skills for data librarianship.
  4. Actively participate in institutional research data policy development, including resource plans. Encourage and adopt open data policies where appropriate in the research data life cycle.
  5. Liaise and partner with researchers, research groups, data archives and data centers to foster an interoperable infrastructure for data access, discovery and data sharing.
  6. Support the lifecycle for research data by providing services for storage, discovery and permanent access.
  7. Promote research data citation by applying persistent identifiers to research data.
  8. Provide an institutional Data Catalogue or Data Repository, depending on available infrastructure.
  9. Get involved in subject specific data management practice.
  10. Offer or mediate secure storage for dynamic and static research data in co-operation with institutional IT units and/or seek exploitation of appropriate cloud services.

Their pragmatism continues to the end where they conclude that "There is no need for research libraries to start with all recommendations or to try to deliver a full spectrum of data services at once. Small steps will do."

Practical, encouraging advice. Well done LIBER!