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Developing institutional data policies: trend for 2012

The DCC is supporting a number of UK universities with research data management and top of the wishlist for most is a data policy. The EPSRC policy framework is often cited a key driver. We’re also seeing lots of policy development courtesy of the new JISC Managing Research Data programme, so predict this will be a key trend in 2012.


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IDCC11: Advancing research and technology to safeguard our digital future

The closing keynote at the #idcc11 was presented by Natasa Milic-Frayling from Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC), who spoke about advancing research and technology to safeguard our digital future.

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IDCC11 Session A3: Formats

This session at IDCC 2011 might have been titled “Everything to Fear but Fear Itself”. As preservation specialists know, when it comes to file format issues just about anything that can go wrong probably will in time. The three presentations in this session were about understanding the probabilities involved, and taking appropriate steps to stop data loss being the outcome.

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IDCC11: Open data driving scholarly communications in 2020

Professor Philip E Bourne from the Department of Pharmacology at University of California San Diego and Editor-in-Chief of PLoS Computational Biology gave a remote presentation to the conference via Skype to outline what he sees as the future for data publishing.

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Tools for data management planning

The DCC ran a workshop at IDCC which brought together the teams that have developed the UK and US data management planning tools: DMPonline and DMP Tool.

The workshop initially looked at the data policies in each country that define requirements for data management and sharing plans. After coffee we had a demo of each of the tools and discussed future development plans.

Image: Creative Commons licenced by CC-BY Henry Swanson 420

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An arts perspective: day two and three - the sixth DCC Roadshow on data management

John Murtagh from the University of the Arts London presents an arts perspective on research data management.

All images in this blog come from the publication, Drawing skirts: new papercuts by Charlotte Hodes.

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IDCC11 Session 2B: Preservation

Parellel Session 2B on preservation seemed to be only loosely connected to preservation, but all the institutions involved have taken open approaches to archiving.

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IDCC11 Session A1: Data management and planning

Parallel Session A1 on data management and planning pulled together presentations on creation of plans, the skills needed to create them and co-ordination of approaches.


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IDCC11 Session 3B: Environmental data

The presentations in this session looked at different aspects of data creation, storage, and sharing in environmental research. A significant theme was the need to encourage data sharing by researchers by providing them with suitable rewards.

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IDCC11 Session 2A: Policy and legal

This session gave us four fascinating presentations covering areas as diverse as developments in funder data policies, applying the KRDS benefits analysis toolkit, FoI and its implications for research in the HE sector, and the ethics and legalities of gathering tweets for research.

Photo (c) Tim Gander

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