DMPonline Beta update

1 October, 2013

Following on from the recent unveiling of the development version of the new DMPonline, an updated version is now available. This version has also been tagged in the GitHub repository.

The major changes with this version are:

  • Introduction of mail validation on registration
  • Improvements to the user profile editing page
  • Introduction of plan sharing, allowing more than one user to work on a plan
  • Introduction of plan exporting to simple formats
  • A contact form

There are also numerous bugfixes.

Thanks to those of you who have supplied feedback so far. One enhancement we'll be adding shortly on the basis of that is the ability to indicate on registration membership of an organisation other than those listed, but in a way that doesn't open up the possibility of corruption of the database. Improved export options and Shibboleth authentication are also priorities for forthcoming releases.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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