IDCC14 Preview: Paul Lewis

20 January, 2014

Five weeks today the 9th International Digital Curation Conference will be kicking off in San Francisco with a full programme of workshops, followed by the Pre-Conference Drinks Reception. In the fourth of our mini series of preview posts, Washington DC Correspondent for the Guardian, Paul Lewis, lets us in on what to expect from his talk...

The theme of this year’s conference is how data-driven developments are changing the world around us. What scientific breakthroughs, technical advances or potential new opportunities excite you the most?

Technology has transformed the way journalism is produced and consumed. I've been fortunate to start working in the profession in the midst of this transformation, and I've found it all exciting. I suppose what really excites me is the possibility of collective action: journalists as a fulcrum, working in a symbiotic relationship with an audience that now has access to source materials, and tools, to help tell stories.

Your presentation will focus on open journalism; are there any specific messages you would like people to take away from your talk?

I try not to be overly-ambitious with talks. Open journalism, as we've come to understand it at the Guardian, requires a re-imaging of our relationship with the audience. They've gone from being passive consumers of journalism to co-producers, and the possibilities that offers are exciting. If I can try to explain why, I'll be happy with that.

Paul's talk is on Day 1 of the conference, 25 February. Full programme is now available.

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