Where are they now? An RDM update from UEL

7 April, 2014
Stephen Grace

Diana suggested that we catch up with participants from our Institutional Engagement programme and start a new feature in our monthly newsletter to profile the work they've been doing on RDM.

Stephen Grace from the University of East London has written guest blog posts for us before and presented on their work at the DCC roadshows. Here he describes what they've been doing since we finished our institutional engagement with UEL.

We received funding for and recruited a permanent RDM Officer (David McElroy) to work with Stephen Grace, Research Services Librarian in running Research Data Services. We are in the process of developing the data repository with ULCC (something functioning by May, completed by July); and already we have been given our first dataset, in advance of the repository. There is institutional commitment to sign up to DataCite, and we are now in discussion with British Library. We are also finalising storage requirements for research data, combining onsite and cloud storage, with some capital funding to support this.

We are running a series of training workshops as part of the Graduate School's Researcher Development Programme:

  • Managing your research data
  • Writing a DMP
  • Preparing your data for sharing (April)
  • What to do with data at project end (May)

These build on support given by Sarah Jones and Monica Duke, including during the TraD project.

DMP consultancy to help researchers draft plans as part of grant bids started last May, and has been warmly received by those asking for assistance. We have arranged for UEL templates for staff and PGRs to be made available on DMPonline, and we plan to hold DMPs with project information in the data repository.