FOSTER in Scandinavia

It was EARMA (#earmaac2016), the annual gathering of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators in Lulea this week, and Ivo and I were there donning our FOSTER hats to speak about open science in Horizon 2020. 

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The 20:51 sprint (Roadmap team-building: UK edition)

This week we hosted the DMPTool team to flesh out our plans for ‘roadmap’ – the joint codebase we’re building together based on DMPonline and DMPTool. The key focus was reviewing and prioritising tasks for an initial release.  Building on discussions from the earlier US visit, we confirmed what work was to be done and agreed to begin with some well-defined, short tasks as a test of our co-development procedures. With everyone taking leave over the coming weeks, the first sprint will start in mid-July at which point we’ll begin adding documentation to the Github repository.

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DMPonline / DMPTool roadmap - reciprocal visits

Our collaboration with the DMPTool team continues. Marta was in Oakland at the end of May and we're preparing to host the US team in Glasgow next week. We've been experiencing Californian weather for the past few weeks - hope it lasts long enough so they experience Scotland at its best. 

Below is an update from Stephanie on Marta's visit. We'll post more news soon on the UK side of the trip.

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Jisc Research Data Network event, Cardiff, 18 May 2016

On May 18th, the DCC's Martin Donnelly travelled to Cardiff to take part in the first of Jisc's quarterly events hosted by research data shared service pilot institutions. The workshops' aim is to stimulate greater discussion within the community around research data management issues, system development and implementation, and to allow a dialogue to inform the Jisc shared service and other Jisc/institutional provision.

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Processing Digital Research Data

Great blog post from Elise Dunham on points of variance between the Research Data Service and the University Archives in processing and curation workflows at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Elise is Data Curation Specialist for the University's Research Data Service. The topic of Archives and RDM was also the focus of the recent Research Data, Records and Archives: Breaking the Boundaries workshop hosted by the University of Edinburgh in cooperation with the DCC.  

This post originally appeared in the SAA BloggERS! series on digital processing

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#IDCC16: Atomising data: Rethinking data use in the age of explicitome

Guest blog post from the conference by Alastair Dunning, Research Data at TU Delft

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#IDCC16: Strategies and tactics in changing behaviour around research data

Guest blog post from #IDCC16 by Alastair Dunning, Research Data at TU Delft

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Open Data Panel at #IDCC16

The 11th International Digital Curation Conference is just around the corner and we are anticipating great discussions in Amsterdam in couple of weeks.

In the first of our series of preview posts, members of the Open Data Panel at IDCC - Fiona Nielsen, Marta Hoffman-Sommer, Phil Archer, Thomas Ingraham and Jeroen Rombouts - briefly explain why open data is important, what are the benefits as well as challenges to sharing research data.

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More than spilled milk- CREAM at the Research Data Spring workshop

Blog article on the Research Data Spring workshop on 10 December 2015, focusing on a breakout session titled  'Observations on Commonalities of Process’. This was led by Iris Garelfs and Graham Klyne of the CREAM project.

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RDMF14: report from Breakout Group 2 (Systems Integration)

A report from the 'systems integration' breakout discussion at RDMF14, the Research Data Management Forum event in York 9-10th November 2015.

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