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A conversation with the funders

The organisers of DCC’s special event, Funding Research Data Management, which took place on 25th April at Aston University, can surely claim that the essence of the debate (about what is acceptable, feasible and achievable in the use of research grant funding for the provision of data infrastructure and services) has at long last been laid bare under the light of expert scrutiny. Propitiously, in what could have proved a confrontational exercise, this eagerly anticipated conversation with the funders developed into a harmonious sharing of experience, observation and explanation that, as STFC’s Juan Bicarregui observed, should lead to greater openness and collaboration between the funders and the research community.

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Are you really on the map?

Between 18th July and 18th September 2012, Research Office heads or the PVCs Research (or their equivalent) in one hundred UK institutions in receipt of EPSRC funding, were invited to complete an online DCC survey designed to establish reactions to (and the impact from) EPSRC’s call for the development of effective research data roadmaps. For the purpose of this survey we identified HEIs that receive more than 10% of their total funding from research and are currently in receipt of one or more EPSRC grants. This gave us our list of one hundred institutions.

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A Wellcome development?

The Wellcome Trust has announced that it will be strengthening the manner in which it enforces its open access policy. With immediate effect, failure to comply with the policy, which since 2006 has required that all research papers funded by the Trust should be made available through UK PubMed Central, could result in final grant payments being withheld and non-compliant papers discounted in future grant applications.



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The essential data roadmap

Last April the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) wrote to university vice chancellors explaining their Policy Framework on Research Data. This framework set out EPSRC’s principles and expectations concerning how the institutions they fund will ensure that research data generated as a result of their support is appropriately managed and shared. The DCC has provided a simple guide to creating a framework.

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Re-skilling for research - observations on an RLUK report

The Preface to this new RLUK report opens by declaring how it “is clear that as the nature of research within our institutions changes, so must the role of the library in supporting research”.

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A Digital Divide?

My attention was drawn this week to the PLANETS White Paper, The Digital Divide - Assessing Organisations’ Preparations for Digital Preservation, which summarises the findings of a Market Survey last year of 200 organisations around the world.

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