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Author: Laura Molloy

Ex-staff (former Preservation Researcher)

Education and Training for Research Data Handling at RDA Plenary 6, September 2015

Laura Molloy reports on progress at the RDA's interest group on education and skills for research data handling, which met at last week's plenary in Paris. 

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Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities - benefits for everyone

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) recently hosted the first Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DPASSH) conference. Laura Molloy reports on digital preservation and curation happening in the wild, and the enduring popularity of the DCC's Curation Lifecycle Model.

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UK Research Data Discovery Service: phase 2 workshop

The second phase of the UK Research Data Discovery Service (RDDS) pilot work moved forward on 23rd April 2015 with a workshop in London which was attended by a number of interested UK HEIs and data centres.

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University of the Arts London, RDM in Art and Design Conference, 'Where are we now?', London 11 Dec 2014.

University of the Arts London held a one-day conference in December entitled, 'Research Data Management in Art and Design: Where are we now?'  The day enabled creative arts research and teaching institutions, mostly from the London area, to come together to identify and discuss the particular challenges for RDM in creative arts workflows. I was pleased to chair the panel session and note that video of the event is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDx_h1Xb1n4


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IDCC15 session A2: Curation Infrastructure, Education and Training

A report on session A2: 'Curation Infrastructure, Education and Training' at the International Digital Curation Conference, London, on Tuesday 10 February 2015. 

Session A2 provided two analyses of the current priorities and workflows of researchers as they go about their research activity.  In both cases, the findings have potential use in improving institutional support for digital curation and research data management.

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IDCC15 session A1: Institutional Research Data Management

A report on session A1: 'Institutional RDM' at the International Digital Curation Conference, London, on Tuesday 10 February 2015. 

IDCC 2015 focused on, amongst other things, evidence of progress in RDM over the last ten years.  Panel session A1, ‘Institutional RDM’ on Tuesday provided specific examples of the progress made at specific institutions, including limits, challenges, and variations in ambition of the RDM infrastructure in each case. All three case studies showed what can be achieved when motivated and resourceful staff are able to focus on the job of improving institutional RDM, and in two cases we saw the difference that can be made when institutional funds are invested in this important work.

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RDMF12: notes from breakout group 1: choosing research data solutions

Breakout group 1 at RDMF12 discussed the issues around identifying research data solutions.  The initial proposal was around the researcher perspective on choosing solutions, but the discussion quickly expanded to a more holistic view, incorporating the views of the other parties involved in the research data management lifecycle.

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Notes from the Digital Humanities Summer School, University of Oxford (DHOxSS), 14-18 July 2014

Finding out more about digital humanities workflows, tools, and methods at the Oxford Digital Humanities Summer School.

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Making research data more discoverable: gathering future requirements for the Jisc RDRDS

The DCC held a workshop earlier this week (16 June 2014) to report on lessons learned from the first pilot phase of the UK research data registry and discovery service (RDRDS) and to gather requirements for future activity.

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Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation: New guidance from the National Archives

Universities and other research considering different solutions for the delivery of research data management services may be interested in using 'the cloud' for storage and possibly access.  The UK National Archives will imminently release guidance on the use of 'cloud'-based services for digital preservation, aimed at the public sector.  The guidance will clarify the characteristics, benefits and possible risks of 'cloud'-based services, cover legal, cost and risk issues, and provide five new case studies including one from University of Oxford's private cloud for research data management.

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