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Author: Monica Duke

Ex-staff (Former Institutional Support Officer)

A macroscope for UK web history

A summary of the demo session presented by Andrew Jackson from the British Library at IDCC15 on their web archiving service with macroscope features.

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IDCC15 Demo Sessions: DMPOnline

A summary of the demo session by DMPOnline given at IDCC15

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Birds of a Feather session at IDCC15: Building infrastructure for scientific data

A report on the Birds of a Feather session on Building Infrastructure held on Day 1 of the International Digital Curation Conference, 2015

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Developing joined up RDM infrastructure for institutions

A report on a session at the JISC MRD Programme workshop on achievements, challenges and recommendations, titled "Repositories, portals and institutional systems” with the general theme of how to join up institutional systems for research data management.


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Metadata, metadata, metadata

A report on a session on metadata catalogues at the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting held in March 2013, with reports from four of the projects covering re-use of software and metadata schemas, interface design for metadata capture and interaction with other systems.

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TMTOWTDI: Three data repository experiences in UK HE

Three data repository experiences at UK Higher Educational institutions: A report on parallel session 2B on data repositories and storage (group 1) at the JISC Managing Research Data Meeting in Nottingham, 24 October 2012. This session on data repositories and storage considered the repository systems that support storing, depositing and exposing data at three universities. We heard from the University of Hull, the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Lincoln, where repository systems have been set up or extended through funded projects. Three different solutions were described, each fitting a different approach taken by the institution. The examples illustrated the diversity of systems available and how they fit different needs. The presentations considered a variety of repository features that make them one of the cogs in the institutional research data management machinery.

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A journey shared – on the road to research data management.

The workshop on developing institutional data policies held in mid-March helped institutions to come together to discuss different approaches and learn from each other. This article describes some of the lessons emerging from the workshop, complementing other reports on the same workshop.

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Tips for institution-wide data management planning

A report on one of the break out sessions on institution-wide approaches to data management held during the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting, 1-2 December 2011.

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