DCC Associates Network

If you’re involved in the creation, use or management of digital data, why not join the DCC Associates Network? 

We understand the importance of engaging with institutions, organisations and individuals across all disciplines and domains. To facilitate this, we offer a network in which digital curators can discuss best practice, solicit advice from peers and shape the digital curation agenda.

Please note that there is no cost involved with becoming a DCC Associate.

Members of the Network are expected to:

  • Encourage and stimulate peer-to-peer discussion
  • Contribute to intellectual debate within the Network
  • Promote the public image, reputation and impact of the Network
  • Respect private information and the concerns of other associates

On becoming a member of the Associates Network, you will enjoy:

  • The opportunity to share best practice, ideas and opinions with leading digital curation experts and data practitioners
  • Discounted fees for many DCC events and related activities
  • Access to up-to-date information and advice via the DCC Help Desk, our advisers and DCC associates
  • The option to contribute to the definition and design of new areas of digital curation
  • The chance to participate in key digital curation research areas and early access to research outcomes
  • A regular newsletter with updates on DCC research, projects, training and other events

One of the ways in which members of the Associates Network communicate is via the Network's own mailing list. For an indication of the kinds of topics discussed, please visit the mailing list archive.