Interviews: Setting the Scene

Over the years we have interviewed many leading members of the digital curation community.  The examples listed below include data producers and reusers, and include a number of videos as well as text summaries of conversations.

Their responses provide valuable insight into how data curation challenges have evolved over the years.

Video: Open Science (2015)

Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre, in conversation with Maciej Chojnowski

Video: Managing Research Data (2012)

Interviews on the importance of providing access to research data and the risks of not managing data effectively.

Community perspectives on curation challenges (2004)

  • Bob Mann, Wide Field Astronomy Unit, University of Edinburgh 
  • Ann Borda, Science Museum, London
  • Laura Mitchell, National Archives of Scotland
  • Richard Wright, Information and Archives, BBC
  • Sheila Anderson and Hamish James, AHDS
  • Neil Thomson (Data Re-user), Natural History Museum