Interview with Sheila Anderson and Hamish James, AHDS

Interview date: 2004

Sheila Anderson is the Director of the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS).

The AHDS acquires, curates, preserves and provides access to complex digital resources created by or supporting research and teaching in Higher and Further Education and life-long learning. The AHDS established an OAIS compliant preservation repository along with a range of policy documents and preservation handbooks that describe the AHDS approach to preserving electronic texts, databases, still images, moving image, audio, GIS data, geophysics data, virtual reality materials and other digital formats.

Hamish James was until November 2004 when he returned to his native New Zealand, the Collections Manager for the AHDS. He was responsible for specifying and developing the AHDS repository infrastructure, working closely with the AHDS technical team.

Please note that due to the fact that digital curation practice changes so rapidly, this interview reflects AHDS views at the time.