LIFE Tool Feedback

Please use this form to provide feedback on the LIFE tool as part of the pilot study. Please contact with any queries. The responses will be used anonymously in aggregate. There is further information on some questions below the corresponding options/text area.

If you didn't find the LIFE tool easy to use, please suggest ways in which the user experience could be improved.
The LIFE cost model draws on a number of case studies, only some of which looked at activities in HEIs. Do the activities covered by the LIFE tool reflect your day to day activities?
Please let us know if you have previously carried out any costing of digital preservation activity in your institution.
Was the information you were required to enter into the LIFE tool sufficient to describe the digital preservation scenario for which you wished to estimate costs?
What other kinds of information should be collected by the tool to allow you to accurately describe the digital preservation scenarios that you encounter? E.g. a greater array options for one of the inputs, or some other information which is currently ignored?
What sort of timescales do the digital preservation scenarios that you would wish to estimate the costs for cover?
E.g., reports featuring graphs that break down costs against staff, equipment, etc.; recommendations for costs savings?
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