Funding bodies increasingly require their grant-holders to produce data management plans, both during the bid-preparation stage and after funding has been secured.

DMPonline is the DCC's data management planning tool. In addition to the questions included in the DCC's Checklist for a Data Management Plan, it also contains useful guidance on how to prepare a data management plan and carry it through to execution.

The tool has three main functions

  1. To help create and maintain different versions of Data Management Plans.
  2. To provide useful guidance on data management issues and how to meet research funders' requirements.
  3. To export attractive and useful plans in a variety of formats.

The tool draws upon the DCC's analysis of funders' data requirements to help project teams create up to three iterations of a data management plan; a 'minimal' version for use at the grant application stage, a 'core' version to be developed during the project itself, and towards the end of the project a 'full' version that addresses issues of longer-term access and preservation.

We have mapped the major UK research funders' data-related policies to the DCC Checklist, the idea being that by answering the DCC questions at the pre-funding stage you will de facto meet your chosen funder's requirements.

Once funding is in place, you can then return to your plan and supplement the core sections with additional information and operational details.

So try the tool for yourself at

The DMPonline User Guide (seven pages) and its shorter version, Quick Guide (four pages), are a great introduction to start using the tool.

Download links:

DMPonline Quick Guide - download pdf version, download Word version

DMPonline User Guide - download pdf version, download Word version

A screencast giving an overview of the tool's major functionalities is also available.