Research funders and organisations increasingly require data management plans, both during the bid-preparation stage and after funding has been secured.

DMPonline is the DCC's data management planning tool. It provides tailored guidance and examples to help researchers write data management plans.

The tool includes a number of templates for funders in the UK and overseas so researchers can write DMPs according to the specific requirements they need to meet. It can also be customised by institutions so they can add their own templates and guidance.

Try the tool for yourself at

Anyone can use DMPonline. If your organisation is not listed, just select 'other organisation' or ask for it to be added.

If you would like to create a foreign language version of DMPonline, please contact us on

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All our code is open and available for you to redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.

Customising DMPonline

Organisations are able to customise DMPonline to add templates, provide tailored guidance for their researchers or give examples and suggested answers. If you would like to customise the tool, contact us to request admin access for your organisation.

You may also like to consult the following guidance to help you customise DMPonline: