Resources for digital curators

With just a few clicks, you can access any of the data curation resources collected by the DCC since we opened our doors in 2004.

Our comprehensive and easily accessible digital library is completely free to use and aims to provide you with everything you need to evaluate and implement those digital curation techniques most suited to your particular research project. 

What’s more, we regularly review and update our library, adding the latest resources developed for data curators.

Select from the links below and left to access high-level digital curation briefing papers; legal watch, standards watch and technology watch papers; case studies and interviews; and instalments from our detailed Curation Reference Manual.

International Journal of Digital Curation

Our highly regarded digital journal, published twice a year, features general articles and peer reviewed papers and serves as an invaluable channel for the sharing of good practice and experience. 

Disciplinary Metadata

The issue of disciplinary metadata standards - what they are, who's using them, how to use them - has been gaining attention in the RDM community. To support this, we have created a Disciplinary Metadata page for those who need help figuring out what standards might address their own needs. Rather than archival metadata standards, the resource focuses on descriptive standards that aid data discovery and re-use.

Tools and Services Catalogue

Our improved catalogue of tools and services for managing and curating research data. The catalogue has been overhauled to focus on software and services that directly perform curation and management tasks. It splits these resources into five major categories, based on who the intended users are and what stage of the data lifecycle they will be most useful in. Sub-categories contain tables for quick comparison of tools against others that perform similar functions, linked to in-depth descriptions of how the resource can help. 

Digital Curation Lifecycle Model

You can use our model when planning digital curation activities to ensure that you cover all of the necessary steps in the curation lifecycle. 


Find out about the data curation policies of the main UK funding bodies and discover how you can help your research community to comply with current requirements.

Video: Managing Research Data

We have also produced a short documentary about the importance of providing access to research data and the risks of not managing data effectively. Hope you like it.