Tools & Services

The tools and services in this catalogue were created to address the myriad challenges facing those who engage with data. Focusing on software and services that directly perform curation and management tasks, the catalogue splits the resources into five major categories, based on the intended user and the stage of the data lifecycle in which it will be most useful. Sub-categories contain tables for quick comparison of tools against others that perform similar functions, linked to in-depth descriptions of how the resource can help.

If you'd like to add information on tools and resources that you have developed, please get in touch with us. We'd also be interested in hearing about your experiences of using of any tools and services.

For Curators

Used by data curators to gather, prepare, and transfer digital collections.

Used by data curators in the context of digital repositories. 

Resources for data curators responsible for a repository's organisational and financial soundness. 

For Researchers

Used by researchers still in the process of collecting, manipulating, and analysing their data.

Used by researchers as they disseminate their work and engage with the wider community.