Digital curation events

The DCC hosts a variety of conferences, workshops, lectures and other events throughout the year to help promote digital curation across the UK research community – and beyond. 

Individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines are brought together at our events by a shared commitment to data curation and preservation. 

You too can enjoy the chance to improve your awareness of current research activity and explore the possibility of collaborating on the development of digital curation tools, resources and best practice.

Because the DCC has an international presence, our events also give you the opportunity to compare notes on digital data curation initiatives with research teams based both at home and abroad.

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Upcoming events

Introduction to Data Management Planning & DMPonline

London, 29 January 2015
The Wesley is located at 81-103 Euston Street, London, NW1 2EZ

10th International Digital Curation Conference

London, 9 - 12 February 2015
**Remember to register now as from Monday 19 January the current reduced rate fee of £400 will no longer be available** **Conference registration will close on Tuesday 27 January** For a decade IDCC has brought together leaders and experts in digital curation and the significance of good curation to research and innovation is now well recognised across the globe. At IDCC15 we aim to assess our progress and to help identify and stimulate debate on the critical digital curation questions for the future.

Research Data Management readiness

London, 13 February 2015
The DCC is pleased to collaborate with Jisc on a workshop to consider what challenges remain in meeting the EPSRC policy framework, and what lessons can be learned from other institutions.