Good Practice in Information Literacy for Academic Research

"The University of Warwick"

14 March 2011


The Research Information Network and UKCGE are pleased to be working collaboratively to develop this workshop on 'Good Practice in Information Literacy for Academic Research.'Information is the lifeblood of academic research. The sheer volume of scholarly material, the ceaseless growth in its quantity, the enormously diverse and often complex forms that it takes: these factors create huge challenges for academic researchers faced with the discovering, accessing, reading, reviewing, manipulating, mining, managing and creating of information (which is also taken to include data) in all its guises.Given these challenges, the ability of researchers to handle information is of vital importance. Many individuals have become adept at developing approaches and using innovative technologies to make the most of the information environment, but others rather less so. Questions about how researchers develop appropriate skills and understanding, the support they receive, the training opportunities provided for them, and the take-up of such opportunities are thus highly pertinent; as is the capacity of the relevant players (librarians, trainers, graduate school personnel, research supervisors…) to ensure that these skills and understanding are imparted professionally.The workshop will address these issues, and will consider the steps being taken to promote a more consistent and cohesive approach to this important but sometimes neglected aspect of researcher development. The event will be an opportunity to discuss the experiences of workshop participants in information-handling training, current provision in their institutions, ideas that they might have about developing this provision, and the role of UKCGE in helping to develop the agenda. This will be considered in the context of initiatives such as Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework and the work currently being undertaken under the auspices of JISC and the Research Information Network.

Costs and Registration

The cost of the Conference is £185 forUKCGE Members and £235 for non-members. This includes lunch and refreshments.