Institutional Policy and Guidance for Research Data Workshop

29 March 2010
Geoffrey Thomas Lecture Theatre, Oxford


This is the second workshop organized as part of the dissemination activities of the JISC-funded Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research (EIDCSR) Project. The workshop aims to discuss issues around the development and implementation of institutional policy and guidance for research data. Whilst the EIDCSR Project is addressing the requirements of researchers working within medical and life sciences, the event is likely to be of interest to those working in, or supporting, other disciplinary areas.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to hear about, and contribute to the discussion of, the different aspects arising from the elaboration and application of policy frameworks that aim to help researchers fulfill their responsibilities with respect to storage and retention of research records and data. In particular, the workshop will discuss:

  • data management and sharing policy at different levels such as research council, HEI institutions and research departments;
  •  how research records and data management policy and guidance  can be useful to researchers and how  to involve researchers in their development;
  •  how to encourage implementation of institutional policy at a local or departmental level;
  •  how to encourage across the institution the sharing of best practice in research records and data management.

The expected audience includes institutional research managers,  researchers who generate data and other staff involved in research data management and curation issues.

The programme for the half-day event will include the following invited speakers:

  • Kathryn Dally from University of Oxford Research Services;
  • Anna Shadbolt and Simon Porter from the University of Melbourne;
  • Jeff Haywood Vice Principal Knowledge Management, Chief Information Officer & Librarian, University of Edinburgh;
  • David McAllister from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC);
  • Kenji Takeda Project Manager of the JISC funded Institutional Data Management Blueprint;

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