External Events

Timescapes Secondary Analysis Workshop

Leeds, 1 April 2011
NB Also in Edinburgh

Regional workshops on freedom of information and HE researchers

22 March - 12 April 2011
Freedom of information legislation (the UK and Scottish Freedom of Information Acts, and the Environmental Information Regulations) is highly relevant to researchers in Higher Education: as creators of information and/or data, they need to comply with the requirements of the law with regards to allowing access to their research outputs; and as users, they might make use of FoI as a means of obtaining information and/or data.

Screening the Future 2011

Hilversum, 14 - 15 March 2011
Screening the Future 2011 will connect small and large archives, service providers, vendors, funders, policymakers, and educators developing solutions to the most urgent questions facing audiovisual archives, including: What are we preserving? How can we fund our future? Where do archives meet IT? How can we valorise our Archives?

Good Practice in Information Literacy for Academic Research

14 March 2011
The Research Information Network and UKCGE are pleased to be working collaboratively to develop this workshop on 'Good Practice in Information Literacy for Academic Research.'Information is the lifeblood of academic research.

Software Sustainability Institute Collaborations Workshop

Edinburgh, 3 - 4 March 2011
The Collaborations Workshop (CW) brings together researchers, software developers and funders to form groups that can work together. It’s a forum in which people can talk about their research interests, abilities and requirements, and then meet with people who can fulfil those requirements. There are three aspects to the Collaborations Workshop. A series of lightening talks provides time for delegates to discuss their work. A follow-up session provides time for in-depth discussion between people who are interested in working together.

Workshop on Preservation and Curation of Software

London, 7 February 2011
Do you have cases where data is dependent on the software used to generate or manage it? Where you've been asked to preserve an online service? Or where software is a research output in its own right and needs curation? If so, you need to understand where and how to preserve software, as well as data, for future use. Fortunately there is a free JISC-funded workshop intended to give you a head start in this emerging area. It is being held on 7 February in London, and is particularly well suited to your projects.

Research Databases in the Humanities, where next?

Oxford, 21 January 2011
What are the issues that researchers in the Humanities face when compiling data, and how can technology help or hinder? This workshop will look at the ways in which humanities researchers build, maintain, and preserve databases, along with the processes currently in place to support such activities. It will consider what tools could be developed to support the creation and use of research data, how data from different sources might be linked, and, where relevant, the role that public or private cloud services might play.

The Curation of Social Media as a Public Asset

Chapel Hill, NC, 21 January 2011
The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) and School of Government (SOG) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) will hold a day-long seminar called “The Curation of Social Media as a Public Asset” on January 21, 2011 from 9:00-4:30 in the Pleasant’s Family Room of Wilson Library on the UNC-CH campus. Continental breakfast will be served from 8 am until 9 am in the seminar room and a boxed lunch will be included as well.

Digital Preservation Training Programme

London, 4 - 6 October 2010
University of London Computer Centre announces that the next Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP) will take place from 4th-6th of October 2010, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.

Digital Preservation Training Programme, Web Archiving Workshop

London, 28 June 2010
A one-day workshop on web archiving will be held at SOAS on 28th June 2010. The workshop will look at the selection, capture and management of websites and web resources, introducing and assessing various organizational approaches and technological tools which exist. The training will look at website archiving within the framework of the OAIS model which is currently taught on the DPTP, and illustrate the concepts with practical examples and exercises.