Birds of a Feather (BoFs)

We will have four rooms booked for Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) which will take place after lunch on Wednesday 22 February.

Kevin Ashley, the Director of the DCC has written a detailed news item entited IDCC17 Birds of a Feather Sessions - what why how in which he outlines the process for this years conference.

'To propose a BoF session at IDCC, simply comment on the news item using the tools at the bottom of the post. Your proposal should be a short statement of what you want to talk about and who might be interested. 'Short' can mean as little as one sentence, or as much as a paragraph. We have 80 minutes available for BoF sessions; that's relatively short, especially for a larger group. Be realistic about what you can achieve in that time. You can make your proposals up to the Saturday before the conference starts, but I urge you to do so sooner. Use whatever other means you can think of to get others interested in your proposal before the conference starts. We'll aim to use twitter and maybe email to conference delegates to draw their attention to some of the proposals in the coming weeks.'

If you are interested in proposing a BoF for IDCC17 please read Kevin's news item and also check out last years announcement which supplies a little more background to the BoF concept and then return to IDCC17 Birds of a Feather Sessions - what why how and add your comments and proposals.