Dublin is a beautiful city. It has a welcoming and hospitable feel about it, with all the buzz of a capital city but without the mad rush.

The architecture consists mostly of Georgian-style red brick houses, which give the city a warm and friendly look. There is variety, of course, and you will find plenty of castles and stately homes surrounded by large parks.

If you catch a sunny day, enjoy one of Dublin's many green parks or head for the coastal landscape.

If a stroll down the coast in February doesn't appeal to you, then cosy up in town and enjoy classic pubs, good restaurants and fashionable clubs.

There is an excellent art scene with music galleries, museums, gigs, comedy shows and theatre. There is plenty of street art to act as background to your trip to Dublin snapshots.

The IDCC team will organise social events to enable you to taste the best of Dublin, certainly the food and drink.

Useful Sites About Dublin

  • Lovin Dublin - information about where to places to eat, things to do, lifestyle. This site also contains useful information about top tourist destinations within easy reach of Dublin
  • Eventbrite Ireland - find out what's on in Dublin and build your tourist programme around the conference one
  • Totally Dublin - mostly details of interesting cultural events, but also places to eat and drink
  • Visit Dublin - a typical tourist guide, which provides a list of top attractions