Research Data Management Forum (RDMF)

Our Research Data Management Forum events bring together researchers, digital repository managers, staff from library, information and research organisations, data curators, data centre managers, data scientists, research funding organisations and research networks. The events are organised thematically, with a mixture of presentations and breakout and discussion sessions.

Because we usually limit RDMF workshop numbers to fifty, the events are in-depth and highly interactive sessions. To give you a taste of the topics we’ve discussed previously, past RDMF workshop titles are given below. Click on them to see more details, and let us know if you have ideas for a future topic.

For more information about taking part in Research Data Management Forum activities, or to sign up for notifications, drop us a line or call us on 0131 650 2714.  

RDMF3: Value and Benefits of Data Sharing and Management

Manchester, 30 April - 1 May 2009
In partnership with the Research Information Network, the DCC held the third RDMF workshop on the Value and Benefits of Data Sharing and Management at Chancellors Conference Centre, Manchester.