International Curation Education (ICE) Forum

29 June 2011
University College London, The Roberts Building, London


The aim of the International Curation Education (ICE) Forum will be to provide an international meeting place for educators, trainers, students and practitioners of digital curation to: discuss, evaluate, swap knowledge, and potentially improve practice around:

  • effective curricula and course design
  • production of advice and guidance materials (beginner, intermediate and expert)
  • creation and use of textbooks and scholarly material

The principal focus of the day will be on enabling all participants to swap knowledge and learn as much as possible about the latest developments in digital curation teaching and training. Presentations will be combined with semi-structured networking, lightning talks and feedback sessions to maximise opportunities for examining a wide range of approaches. For  more details and the draft agenda, please see the event page on the JISC website.

The event is being subsidised and led by JISC in association with: the Digital Curation Centre (DCC); the Institute of Library and Museum Services (IMLS); the School of Library and Information Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and the Department of Information Studies, University College London.  The Forum will be an ideal opportunity for a number of different groups to congregate including: academics; curation training professionals; digital curators; repository managers; archivists; records managers; data managers; data librarians; publishers; commercial service providers; and students. It should be of interest to anyone who attended the DigCCurr conferences at UNC Chapel Hill (2007 & 2009) and will also build on the discussions of the IDEA (International Digital Curation Education Action) Group. The programme will be put together in association with an international advisory group.

Costs and Registration

Registration is  £25 for students; £45 for public sector employees (university, gallery, museum, archive, etc.) and £65 for commercial registrants. Sponsorship enquiries welcome.