Processing Digital Research Data

Great blog post from Elise Dunham on points of variance between the Research Data Service and the University Archives in processing and curation workflows at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Elise is Data Curation Specialist for the University's Research Data Service. The topic of Archives and RDM was also the focus of the recent Research Data, Records and Archives: Breaking the Boundaries workshop hosted by the University of Edinburgh in cooperation with the DCC.  

This post originally appeared in the SAA BloggERS! series on digital processing

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Is the Future Perfect?

The overriding message from the Future Perfect conference was that the future is not perfect!  There are lots of digital preservation challenges that we're still grapling with, but on a more optimistic note, we *are* making headway.

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Open Office as a document migration on demand tool- again

We’ve seen suggestions in comments on this blog, and on other blogs, that code is better than specifications as representation information, and that well-used, running open source code is better than proprietary code.

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Strand B1 research papers at IDCC4

In the morning parallel session B at the International Digital Curation Conference, the ever-interesting Jane Hunter from the University of Queensland began the session speaking about her Aus-e-Lit project (linked to Austlit) The project is based on FRBR, and offers federated search interfaces to related distributed databases.

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