New case study: assigning DOIs at Bristol Uni

Monica Duke and Stephen Gray have collaborated on a new case study for the DCC.

Assigning Digital Object Identifiers to Research Data at the University of Bristol

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Access to Citation Data

On 14 May 2013 I and a group of other interested parties met to discuss the findings of a new Jisc-funded study that considers the case for open access to citation data.

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ANDS & the DCC

After giving a presentation on DMPonline at the Future Perfect conference, Martin and I visited ANDS staff in the Canberra and Mebourne offices.  We had some great discussions, sharing common ground and learning from each other's lessons.

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IDCC11 Session 3B: Environmental data

The presentations in this session looked at different aspects of data creation, storage, and sharing in environmental research. A significant theme was the need to encourage data sharing by researchers by providing them with suitable rewards.

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Researcher perspectives at #idcc11

Summary of presentations in the researcher perspectives session at #idcc11

Give Researchers Credit for All of Their Research
Mark Hahnel, FigShare, Digital Science
Reproducible Research
Victoria Stodden, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Columbia University
Data Use Attribution and Impact Tracking
Heather Piwowar, DataONE post doc with NESCent

Photo (c) Tim Gander

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Workshops prior to the International Digital Curation Conference

Pre-conference workshops can be very useful and interesting; they can be a good part of the justification for attending a conference, giving an extended opportunity to focus on a single topic, followed by a broader (but shallower) look at many topics, at the conference itself. This time it is quite frustrating, as I would very much like to go to all the workshops! There is still time to register for your choice, and for the IDCC conference itself.

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IJDC Volume 4(1) was published

That's volume 4, issue 1 of the International Journal of Digital Curation... and I didn't report it here. My apologies for that. It's our biggest issue yet, with 10 peer-reviewed papers and 4 general articles, plus 2 editorials (a guest editorial from Malcolm Atkinson, and a normal one from me). There's some really interesting stuff, mostly from the Digital Curation Conference in Edinburgh last year.

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Semantically richer PDF?

PDF is very important for the academic world, being the document format of choice for most journal publishers. Not everyone is happy about that, partly because reading page-oriented PDF documents on screen (especially that expletive-deleted double-column layout) can be a nightmare, but also because PDF documents can be a bit of a semantic desert. Yes, you can include links in modern PDFs, and yes, you can include some document or section metadata. But tagging the human-readable text with machine-readable elements remains difficult.

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Wilbanks on the Control Fallacy: How Radical Sharing out-competes

Closing the first day of the International Digital Curation Conference, and as a prelude to a substantial audience discussion, John Wilbanks from Science Commons outlined his vision and his group’s plans and achievements. His slides are available on Slideshare and from the IDCC web site.

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Project data life course

This blog post is an attempt to explore the “life course” of an arbitrary small to medium research project with respect to data resources involved in the project. (I want to avoid the term life cycle, since we use this in relation to the actual data.)

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