Coming soon: New homepage

11 April, 2012

I'm Magdalena Getler, curation services officer at the DCC. I'm pleased to announce that we have today launched the new DCC homepage in Beta mode. The Beta period will last for about two weeks before going live.

The Beta is accessible by clicking on the image below or directly at

Why a new homepage?

The DCC website was launched in 2004 alongside the creation of a Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Over the last eight years so much information has been added to the website that the overall structure and visual design required some refining. For example, there are numerous guidelines, publications, and tools that we would like you to discover, however they are currently getting lost in the current structure.

The role of the homepage is to amalgamate all the different aspects of the DCC and showcase the best of our content. The Beta Homepage is the first step towards making the required improvements, and we will continue its development with the addition of new features, and content updates and revisions. One such improvement will be the re-classification of the external tools page, which will be launched around 30 April 2012, followed by a new 'Resources' section incorporating search facets in the coming months.

Key features

Some of the key features of the new DCC homepage include:

  • How can the DCC help you? – Making it easier and faster to find how the DCC could help researchers, research support staff, and institutions.
  • Editor's choice – The new site will improve navigation to the highlights of DCC content, making it quicker to access and find.
  • Recent blog posts – Provide links to new blog posts written by DCC staff and invited guest bloggers.

Tell us what you think

We'd like to know your thoughts so let us know by leaving a comment under this blog post or by emailing me at  Twitter @kika_sea