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Is the Future Perfect?

The overriding message from the Future Perfect conference was that the future is not perfect!  There are lots of digital preservation challenges that we're still grapling with, but on a more optimistic note, we *are* making headway.

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New lineup for Northeast England roadshow

Some places remain for the DCC Northeast England Roadshow in Newcastle upon Tyne, 23-24 April.

The event is being held at the Darwin Suite, 3rd Floor Bioscience Centre, Times Square, Newcastle

The programme has an exciting range of speakers who will share examples of developing research data management services and infrastructure. Registrants can sign up for either or both days of this free event.

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The essential data roadmap

Last April the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) wrote to university vice chancellors explaining their Policy Framework on Research Data. This framework set out EPSRC’s principles and expectations concerning how the institutions they fund will ensure that research data generated as a result of their support is appropriately managed and shared. The DCC has provided a simple guide to creating a framework.

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Developing a roadmap for RDM

We trialled a new session at the Loughborough roadshow on developing data policy and services. This ended with an excerise on producing an RDM roadmap, as the EPSRC requirement to do this by May 2012 is uppermost on many people's minds.

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Registration now open for DCC Roadshow Northwest England

Registration is now open for the DCC Roadshow for the Northwest of England. The event is being organised in conjunction with The Library, University of Salford.

The roadshow runs between 20-21 March 2011, and will be held at the the Clifford Whitworth Building, University of Salford.

The programme includes an exciting range of speakers who will share examples of developing research data management services and infrastructure.

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New year, new responsibilities

UK universities are increasingly developing strategies for research data management. In some cases new posts are created and in others responsibility is assigned to existing IT teams, libraries and other research support services.
If you're beginning to address research data management, the DCC roadshows are a great way to hear examples of good practice and tips to help you get started.
Dates for the next two regional roadshows are set:
We're also planning to run roadshows in London in May, and in Northeast England in April or June.
Come and join us!
Image Creative Commons BY-NC-SA by Matti Mattila

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Developing institutional data policies: trend for 2012

The DCC is supporting a number of UK universities with research data management and top of the wishlist for most is a data policy. The EPSRC policy framework is often cited a key driver. We’re also seeing lots of policy development courtesy of the new JISC Managing Research Data programme, so predict this will be a key trend in 2012.


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Disciplinary RDM training materials

The JISC Research Data Management training projects (RDMTrain) produced a range of disciplinary training materials. These are available for reuse and have been deposited in JORUM.

To help users find relevant resources, we've mapped the RDMTrain outputs to the data management activities in the DCC lifecycle model.

Mapping of RDMTrain materials to DCC lifecycle model


Front page image CC-BY-NC by Arenamontanus

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Tools for data management planning

The DCC ran a workshop at IDCC which brought together the teams that have developed the UK and US data management planning tools: DMPonline and DMP Tool.

The workshop initially looked at the data policies in each country that define requirements for data management and sharing plans. After coffee we had a demo of each of the tools and discussed future development plans.

Image: Creative Commons licenced by CC-BY Henry Swanson 420

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Tips for institution-wide data management planning

A report on one of the break out sessions on institution-wide approaches to data management held during the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting, 1-2 December 2011.

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