New case study: assigning DOIs at Bristol Uni

Monica Duke and Stephen Gray have collaborated on a new case study for the DCC.

Assigning Digital Object Identifiers to Research Data at the University of Bristol

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Data citations: versions and granularity

On 3 December 2012, the British Library ran a DataCite workshop entitiled 'What to cite: Versioning and granularity of research data for effective citation'. I went along to hear how data centres, institutional data archives, publishers and researchers are making different versions of data available for citation, and their attitudes towards how DOIs are assigned to data.

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Working with DataCite

DataCite aims to establish easier access to research data and build the profile of research data as legitimate contributions in the scholarly record. On Monday 10th September the British Library ran a practical workshop aimed at those considering incorporating DataCite services into their repository.

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An international list of data repositories

We're often asked where data can be deposited, so it's great to be able to announce an international list of data repositories initiated by DataCite. The list notes what subject areas the repositories support and outlines any restrictions on data access, licence agreements and identifiers used. This is a working document that will continue to develop over time. Your input is welcomed, so please contact DataCite to suggest changes or additions. 

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Ariadne Issue 64 highlights issues in data curation

Ariadne Issue 64, published today, contains a number of articles of particular interest to those concerned with research data curation.

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