First phase of RDS complete - now it's time to cast your votes!

The first phase of Research Data Spring has now concluded with 70 ideas being submitted. Now it is time to start voting!

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Vote for ideas on Research Data Spring

It’s great to see how many ideas have been submitted to the Research Data Spring already. There are already over 40 proposals that cover a wide range of research data challenges. There are only a few days left to submit your ideas – it closes on Monday 12th January - so if you think there are gaps, submit an idea now!
Perhaps more importantly, you should register and vote. Jisc needs your input to determine which ideas are of most value to the community so please take some time to read through the proposals, comment and vote. Kevin outlined the process in a blog post last month  After this intial round of voting, a selection of ideas will be pitched to judges at a workshop in February. 

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DMPonline API - get involved!

We've submitted an entry under Jisc's research #dataspring to develop an API for DMPonline and are looking for partners. 

This API will enable the community-driven development of stable and robust extensions to DMPonline through which institutions, researchers, funders and other stakeholders can leverage their investment in data management planning.



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Jisc's Research Data Spring - how you can get involved

Jisc recently announced some new funding for tools and services in the area of research data management. Here, I summarise what it's all about and how you can get involved. You'll need to move quickly - the first phase of activity ends on January 12th, 2015.


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