DCC Publications Schedule

30 October, 2015 | in DCC News
By: Angus Whyte

Recently we ran a 'quick poll' on DCC publication plans, on the Jiscmail research data management list. Since then we've agreed with Jisc our publication plan to respond to that poll, and it includes the resources listed below.  You can find more details of the responses we received and our plan to address them here.

How to guides and checklists

  • 'Where to keep research data' checklist
  • How to evaluate data repository and catalogue platforms
  • How to assess a data management plan
  • How to guide on workflows for data preservation and publishing

Briefing paper and website updates

  • Funding body data policy update - recent changes

Case studies

  • Data visualisation – institutional support
  • Metadata – how RDM Service deals with core and disciplinary
  • Managing sensitive data across disciplines

Research data service examples of:

  • Requirements questionnaires to scope shared services
  • Institutional approaches to cost-benefit & risk modelling

Metadata Standards Directory updates

Tools and Services Catalogue updates

Thanks again for all the input we received.

[Photo credit; By Yandle on Flickr at https://flic.kr/p/6SQHEk]