Are you ready for EPSRC?

The DCC has been collaborating with Jisc to run a follow-up workshop to our event last May on EPSRC compliance and have been overwhelmed by the response. Registration opened shortly before Christmas and was full before the holidays. We've since increased the capacity to 90 and are full again. It seems institutional readiness for Research Data Management is a hot topic!


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DCP and DAF collaboration

The DCC is pleased to announce that we are involved in an IMLS grant with the Data Curation Profiles team at Purdue University Libraries. 

We came together through our shared interest in engaging researchers to identify their support requirements for Research Data Management. We had ideas for a reusable questionbank based on the various surveys that people had developed when they were implementing the DCC's Data Asset Framework, and found big overlaps with plans for taking forward the Data Curation Profiles toolkit. 

We plan to build a tool to bridge the gap between data producers and data curators, and join up the active phases of data mangagement with the longer-term curation and preservation activities.


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DCC developer job

Come and work for the DCC! We're currently recruiting a systems developer.

See current vacancies on the University of Glasgow website, reference  008866

Image CC-BY photologue_np

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DMPonline v.4 launches

We're pleased to announce that the DCC has just launched a new and improved version of DMPonline, our web-based tool for creating Data Management Plans.

This new release marks a major progression in terms of usability. The evaluation showed that users had difficulties creating a mental model of how the tool worked. We’ve simplified the concepts behind the tool and responded to requests to shorten the DCC Checklist and ask funder questions directly instead.

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How does DMPonline v.4 work?

We’ve made some major changes to DMPonline this year in light of user feedback:

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Seven rules of successful research data management in universities

Guardian Higher Education Network Blog post offering 'Seven rules of successful research data management in universities' by Sarah Jones, DCC and Simon Hodson, Jisc 

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ANADP wins Preservation Publication Award from Society of American Archivists

Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation wins Preservation Publication Award from Society of American Archivists. The volume includes an contribution on Education Alignment authored by Joy Davidson, Sheila Corrall, George Coulbourne and Andreas Rauber. 

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Register for the Dundee roadshow

Registration for the Dundee roadshow is now open!

The event takes place on 5-6 December in the Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee.

Further information, including a draft programme, is available on the event page.

Register here to join us in Dundee!

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DCC training workshop at iPres 2012

The DCC ran a workshop in collaboration with several other digital curation stakeholders today. Pushing the Boundaries - excellence in digital curation education and training through collaboration covered a number of themes, including curriculum development, assessing course content, and developing frameworks to map skills and evaluate training.

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New Educopia publication: Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation

Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation is a new publication from Educopia, which establishes a set of starting points for building a greater alignment across digital preservation, and highlights the need for strategic international collaborations.

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