Developing RDM services

25 March, 2013 | in DCC News
By: Sarah Jones

The DCC is pleased to announce a number of new resources. The latest guide in our How-to series is:

How to Develop RDM Services - a guide for HEIs

The guide draws lessons from the Jisc Managing Research Data programmes and the DCC institutional engagements to outline the process of developing RDM services. It proposes eight components or processes to be supported:

  1. RDM policy and strategy
  2. Business plans and sustainability
  3. Guidance, training and support
  4. Data Management Planning
  5. Managing active data
  6. Data selection and handover
  7. Data repositories
  8. Data catalogues

We are also releasing a series of case studies based on these eight themes. The case studies look into the work of one or more projects in detail to explain their work and share lessons learned.

Three case studies are now available:

Further case studies are planned, including ones on RDM strategy, using CKAN to manage data and business planning. We aim to release one new case study a fortnight over the coming months.

You can find all of these guides and any new case studies to be released in the future on the new Developing RDM Services webpage.