How does DMPonline v.4 work?

We’ve made some major changes to DMPonline this year in light of user feedback:

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DMPonline Beta update

Following on from the recent unveiling of the development version of the new DMPonline, an updated version is now available.

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DMPonline Development Progress


We've been redeveloping DMPonline from the ground up following a review of the current version. We're making good progress and have now opened up our GitHub repository and deployed our code on our development server. There's still quite a bit to do but we're expecting to make a lot of progress in the next few weeks.

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Customising DMPonline

We've been developing some guidelines on how to customise DMPonline for your institution.

This news item tells you how to get started and provides the guidelines and spreadsheet that you need to download.

Image credit: CC-BY by zzpza

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New Checklist for a Data Management Plan

We received lots of feedback that we should shorten the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan and have managed to condense it to 13 questions and some basic administrative information. More detailed questions are used as pointers to help researchers decide how to respond and we've enhanced the guidance.

Image CC-BY-NC-SA adesigna

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DMPonline - current status

The DCC announced future development plans for its data management planning tool (DMPonline) in January 2013. In this post, Kevin Ashley provides an update on the current status of those plans.

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Future plans for DMPonline

Data management planning is a topic of increasing importance to researchers, their host institutions and research funders alike. Increasing numbers of funders require plans as part of grant proposals; some are already assessing the quality of these plans as part of bid assessment; and some require further planning to be carried out for successful proposals and are discussing ways to monitor the execution of plans and compliance with funder requirements.

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New resources

There have been loads of useful links circulated recently. As an aide-memoire and signpost to others who may have missed them, here's a quick summary.

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DMPonline v3.0 launches

The Digital Curation Centre is pleased to announce the launch of DMPonline v3.0 This new release marks a major progression in the software’s functionality. For the first time users can create data management plans incorporating multiple templates, so if your institution, your funder and your publisher all require data management plans, you can now create a single plan to satisfy them all.

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Bringing it all back home: Tailoring DMPonline for your institution

We are often asked how institutions can establish a customised presence in DMPonline. There are three ways to do this, in increasing levels of complexity. This blog post outlines what we can do, and how.

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