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Come and work for the DCC! We're currently recruiting a systems developer.

See current vacancies on the University of Glasgow website, reference  008866

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DMPonline at OpenAIRE-COAR 2014

On 20th May 2014 I presented DMPonline at an OpenAIRE-COAR 2014 pre-conference workshop in Athens, Greece. The workshop took place in the context of the EC Horizon 2020 Data Pilot and with particular reference to the manual that the EC has provided for the pilot.

What I’d like to do here is outline some of the key points and to address some that were raised during the presentation and subsequently, and also provide links to relevant resources.

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Where are they now? An RDM update from UEL

Diana suggested that we catch up with participants from our Institutional Engagement programme and start a new feature in our monthly newsletter to profile the work they've been doing on RDM.

Stephen Grace from the University of East London has written guest blog posts for us before and presented on their work at the DCC roadshows. Here he describes what they've been doing since we finished our institutional engagement with UEL.

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DCC talks at IDCC

There were lots of DCC presentations in the parallel sessions at IDCC today. To help you keep up with what’s new at DCC, here’s a quick summary.

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DMPTool and DMPonline workshop

Read about the DMPTool and DMPonline workshop at IDCC in San Francisco

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Usability testing of DMPonline version 4.0

Last year we conducted a comprehensive study of DMPonline version 3.0 using various research methods, such as focus groups, guided interviews, heuristic evaluations and usability testing. The findings signaled a clear need for change and the results can be seen in DMPonline 4.0. We now have the opportunity to compare results from two rounds of usability testing (of versions 3.0 and 4.0 beta) to establish whether the interface of the tool has been improved.

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DMPonline v.4 launches

We're pleased to announce that the DCC has just launched a new and improved version of DMPonline, our web-based tool for creating Data Management Plans.

This new release marks a major progression in terms of usability. The evaluation showed that users had difficulties creating a mental model of how the tool worked. We’ve simplified the concepts behind the tool and responded to requests to shorten the DCC Checklist and ask funder questions directly instead.

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How does DMPonline v.4 work?

We’ve made some major changes to DMPonline this year in light of user feedback:

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DMPonline Beta update

Following on from the recent unveiling of the development version of the new DMPonline, an updated version is now available.

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DMPonline Development Progress


We've been redeveloping DMPonline from the ground up following a review of the current version. We're making good progress and have now opened up our GitHub repository and deployed our code on our development server. There's still quite a bit to do but we're expecting to make a lot of progress in the next few weeks.

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