First phase of RDS complete - now it's time to cast your votes!

14 January, 2015 | in DCC News
By: Joy Davidson

The first phase of Research Data Spring concluded on January 12th with 70 ideas posted, 159 comments, 1005 votes and 603 users! But the process isn't over yet. Now Jisc needs your input to help identify which ideas should be taken forward to the next stage of the process.

The votes and comments space is still open, so please continue the conversation. Jisc encourages all stakeholders, including researchers, developers, librarians, IT staff, research managers, publishers whether in UK universities or potential collaborators or interested parties to use the comment space to offer their skills and expertise to the idea owners, thus joining forces and collaborating on the solutions they are proposing. 

There have been some great ideas put forward. For an excellent summary of some of these, please see Sarah Jones' recent blog post