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RDM in South Africa - UCT Research Data Management Policy and Strategy Workshop

A report on our two-day strategy and policy development workshop run for the University of Cape Town library staff. 

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RDM in South Africa

A report on meetings with various universities in South Africa and a LIASA-hosted workshop.

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Customising DMPonline

We've been developing some guidelines on how to customise DMPonline for your institution.

This news item tells you how to get started and provides the guidelines and spreadsheet that you need to download.

Image credit: CC-BY by zzpza

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LIASA webinar

Brief report on a webinar given by Joy Davidson and Sarah Jones to the LIASA HELIG community.

Photo of South African flag by Mister-E: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mister-e/3050826409

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ANDS & the DCC

After giving a presentation on DMPonline at the Future Perfect conference, Martin and I visited ANDS staff in the Canberra and Mebourne offices.  We had some great discussions, sharing common ground and learning from each other's lessons.

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