IDCC17 - Workshop Submissions

21 September, 2016 | in DCC News
By: Bridget Robinson

For the last 10 years the International Digital Curation Conference has included a very successful workshop programme run either side of the main conference. IDCC17 will be no exception with the workshops taking place on Monday 20 February and Thursday 23 February.

We would now welcome submissions for the workshops programme.

Submission information

Your submission should include the following and should be submitted via the ConfTool system

  • Workshop title: A one-line (ideally less) description of the workshop.
  • Workshop organisers: A one-line description of those organising and/or delivering the workshop - individuals, an organisation, or both.
  • Brief description: a short description of the workshop's aim, content and audience. Ideally less than 60 words this should be suitable for use in an overview programme (where it may link to a fuller description) or part of the booking process.
  • Long description: A fuller description of your workshop's aims, content, audience and methods that can be presented to delegates and potential delegates as part of a more detailed programme. This should fit on one side of a sheet of paper and can include any other information, such as descriptions or brief biographies of the presenters, that you think may help people to choose between workshops.
  • Room layout/workshop style: There are a number of options for room layouts. The best will depend on the type of event you propose to run. You can nominate cabaret-style (presenters at front, small groups of seats around tables), classroom-style (rows of tables facing the presenters) or boardroom-style (all seated around a central table). If some other option would suit, let us know in your proposal and we can discuss it with you if it is accepted.
  • Minimum/maximum delegate numbers: The minimum number of people (excluding speakers) you need for the event to be viable, and the maximum number you can cope with before it becomes unworkable or unaffordable. Remember you will have to pay the basic costs for up to 25 delegates.
  • Number of speakers: An estimate will suffice.
  • Funding model: Fully funded/part funded/delegate fees
  • Equipment requirements: Projectors, sound, flipcharts, whiteboards etc.
  • Workshop length: Half day or full day.

For more detailed information about workshop costs, funding models and publicity please ensure you check workshop submissions

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