International Journal of Digital Curation opens Volume 10, Issue 1

18 February, 2015 | in Publications
By: Alex Ball

The International Journal of Digital Curation has published the first set of papers from Issue 1 of Volume 10. Of the four peer-reviewed papers, three are based on research papers presented at the 2015 International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC), while the fourth was received through general submission.

Abbott's paper, examining how well doctoral students are being trained in digital curation skills, was highly commended by the IDCC Programme Committee. Willoughby, Bird and Frey present research that will be of relevance to anyone asking researchers for metadata to describe their outputs. Zhang et al. ask whether users perceive the Data Curation Profile Toolkit, developed by Purdue Univeristy Libraries, to be useful and easy-to-use.

Meanwhile, Swauger and Vision investigate how researchers in the field of phylogenetics choose between TreeBASE and Dryad for depositing their data, as a contribution to the wider debate on how to match data to the most appropriate archive.

This issue of the IJDC is the second to be published on a rolling basis. Many more papers and articles will be added to it before the issue is finalised towards the middle of 2015. We therefore encourage you to check the table of contents regularly for new additions, or to subscribe to one of the journal's newsfeeds (available as Atom, RSS 1, or RSS 2).

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