International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 8, Issue 1

20 June, 2013 | in Publications
By: Alex Ball

The International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 8, Issue 1 is now available. It contains a selection of papers and articles drawn from the 2013 International Digital Curation Conference, plus four new papers.

Several of the papers deal with the motivation for and practicalities of data sharing. Issues covered include data publication processes, links between resources, making data discoverable and keeping it confidential. The role that data sharing plays in detering fraud is also discussed.

The issue contains a wide variety of perspectives on standards. There are two quite different takes on how standards should be developed, while a third paper asks whether standards for trusted digital repositories serve their intended purpose. A fourth describes a technique for generating a 'skeleton' corpus for testing file format identification tools.

A lot of attention is given this issue to matters of guidance, training and education. There are papers concerned with improving data management skills and practice among institutional repository staff, postgraduate researchers and even major 'big science' collaborations. Another paper discusses how repositories can best promote and advocate open access for research articles.

A final group of papers discuss the merits of curation techniques and technologies. Among the topics considered are cloud storage and emulation services, blogs, and artistic works with technological compenents.

You can find out more about the papers and articles in this issue in Kevin Ashley's editorial, which also outlines some of the future plans for the journal.

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