International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 8, Issue 2

21 November, 2013 | in Publications
By: Alex Ball

The International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 8, Issue 2 is now available. It contains fifteen articles derived from practice papers presented at the 2013 International Digital Curation Conference, plus three new peer-reviewed papers.

The articles focus on research data management (RDM), from institutional, disciplinary and national perspectives. Several articles describe how support for RDM is being implemented in universities in the UK and USA, work that will interest other institutions embarking on similar work. A further group describe the work of disciplinary data centres in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Another article describes how a virtual subject-based archive has been formed from the holdings and infrastructure of several institutional repositories. A couple of articles discuss how RDM should be scoped when applied to the arts, where researchers typically do not think in terms of data. Finally there are three articles providing a national overview: two of developments in the UK and one of the Australian context.

The theme of RDM carries through into the research papers, one of which presents the results of a survey of data management behaviours and expections at Emory University. There is also an exploration of the issues associated with the provenance of remixed data, with particular reference to clinical contexts. The final paper describes how one can build a persistent, distributed archive service using iRods, Cheshire3 and Multivalent.

For a more detailed overview of the papers in this issue, please read Kevin Ashley's editorial.

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