TMTOWTDI: Three data repository experiences in UK HE

Three data repository experiences at UK Higher Educational institutions: A report on parallel session 2B on data repositories and storage (group 1) at the JISC Managing Research Data Meeting in Nottingham, 24 October 2012. This session on data repositories and storage considered the repository systems that support storing, depositing and exposing data at three universities. We heard from the University of Hull, the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Lincoln, where repository systems have been set up or extended through funded projects. Three different solutions were described, each fitting a different approach taken by the institution. The examples illustrated the diversity of systems available and how they fit different needs. The presentations considered a variety of repository features that make them one of the cogs in the institutional research data management machinery.

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JISC workshop takes data repository options further

Data repository solutions being developed in the JISC MRD Programme were outlined at the Nottingham workshop on Components of Institutional Research Data Services, 24-25 October.  This post summarised three pilots based around the ePrints platform; at University of West of England, Research Data @Essex, and the KAPTUR project. Also includes was an update on various deposit scenarios in line for support through the SWORD initiative.

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How can we evaluate data repositories? Pointers from DryadUK

How can researchers, publishers and others interested in a data repository tell if it is any good or not? The Dryad UK project has released a 'Draft Framework for Assessing the Dryad Data Repository'. This was was among the final outputs recently published from Dryad UK, funded last year under the JISC Managing Research Data programme.  In this post report author Angus Whyte outlines some of the framework and welcomes comments on how it might be extended and applied to other data repositories.

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Disciplinary RDM training materials

The JISC Research Data Management training projects (RDMTrain) produced a range of disciplinary training materials. These are available for reuse and have been deposited in JORUM.

To help users find relevant resources, we've mapped the RDMTrain outputs to the data management activities in the DCC lifecycle model.

Mapping of RDMTrain materials to DCC lifecycle model


Front page image CC-BY-NC by Arenamontanus

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Tips for institution-wide data management planning

A report on one of the break out sessions on institution-wide approaches to data management held during the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting, 1-2 December 2011.

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JISC MRD Progress Workshop: Registration Open

Registration for the JISC Managing Research Data Progress Workshop is now open. The event will run from 12 noon on Monday 17 May to 3pm Tuesday 18 May, taking place at the Manchester Conference Centre.

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