Developing RDM training for library IT & research office staff

The DCC is collaborating with a number of Jisc MRD projects to run a workshop on developing RDM training materials for research support staff.

The event will take place at the Stratford campus of the University of East London on Tuesday 16th July from 10:30-4pm.

Programme and registration

Image CC-BY-SA by maltman

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Metadata, metadata, metadata

A report on a session on metadata catalogues at the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting held in March 2013, with reports from four of the projects covering re-use of software and metadata schemas, interface design for metadata capture and interaction with other systems.

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The sweet smell of sustainability - JISC MRD projects make the business case

As projects funded in the Jisc Managing Research Data programme to set up and pilot institutional services reach their end, many have been working up business cases for sustained funding from their institution.

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To the 17th century, and beyond!

Report from the closing session of the Jisc Managing Research Data Programme Workshop: Achievements, Challenges and Recommendations, 25-26 March 2013, Aston Business School.

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RDM within the University of St Andrews IT support

Guest blogger Birgit Plietzsch, from the University of St Andrews, discusses taking part in the DCC Institutional Engagement programme and shares her experiences developing RDM service and strategy.

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JISCMRD: Developing and implementing RDM policy

The development of research data management (RDM) policy has been a hot topic over the previous year with the EPSRC’s deadline of May 1st 2012 for the production of a ‘roadmap’ strategy document driving activity in this area. Now the focus is shifting, with institutions looking to the future and asking how these aspirational policies can be turned into practical reality.

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Future plans for DMPonline

Feedback on future developments for DMPonline gathered during the JISCMRD Workshop: Meeting (Disciplinary) Challenges in Research Data Management Planning on the 23rd March.

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