RDM in Public Health: Reporting from the NHS-HE Forum

A report from the November 2013 meeting of the NHS-HE forum, including updates on the BRISSKit project and the UCL Information Governance Support Service.

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IGT: The key to NHS data?

Completion of the NHS Information Governance Toolkit is now mandatory for researchers using patient data without explicit consent and for those wishing to connect to the N3 network. Here, I examine the lessons that HE support staff can learn from pioneering researchers who have already engaged with the kit.

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BRISSKit: Connecting researchers with clinical data

As the UK government takes steps to realise the value of the NHS's clinical data, the need to overcome the barriers between patients and researchers increases. The University of Leicester's BRISSKit project is addressing these issues with the development of an integrated, open-source software support platform.

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