Projects to Cite, Link and Integrate Data Join JISC MRD Programme

3 August, 2010 |
By: Angus Whyte

According to the JISC Managing Research Data blog...

"As well as seeking to demonstrate ways in which research data management in UK Universities can be improved, the JISCMRD programme seeks to demonstrate the benefits of making research data as openly available as possible.

The JISC Call for Projects 14/09 Strand A sought to fund projects to demonstrate the innovative potential for research and scholarly communications of improving methods for citing, linking and integrating research data.

The Call took as its premise that to form a reliable, transparent and reproducible basis for scientific conclusions, research data should be readily accessible and citable.  Information concerning provenance of the data, the way in which raw data has been analysed, adjusted to take account of errors or influences, etc should be available, so that findings can be reproduced, tested and verified.  The data that underpins research can be made more usable and valuable by linking it, not just to publications, creators, but also to related concepts and data."

More details from the JISC MRD blog.