research data management

LIASA webinar

Brief report on a webinar given by Joy Davidson and Sarah Jones to the LIASA HELIG community.

Photo of South African flag by Mister-E:

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Hands-on RDM with SIM4RDM

On 12 April 2013 I attended a workshop organised in Berlin by the SIM4RDM project. This is a European project that is creating a framework for evaluating and improving research data management (RDM) for a range of stakeholders.

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Metadata, metadata, metadata

A report on a session on metadata catalogues at the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting held in March 2013, with reports from four of the projects covering re-use of software and metadata schemas, interface design for metadata capture and interaction with other systems.

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To the 17th century, and beyond!

Report from the closing session of the Jisc Managing Research Data Programme Workshop: Achievements, Challenges and Recommendations, 25-26 March 2013, Aston Business School.

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Developing RDM services

The DCC is pleased to announce a number of new resources. The latest guide in our How-to series - How to Develop RDM Services - a guide for HEIs - and three associated case studies.

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RDM at Monash University

The DCC is pleased to release a case study on the improvement of Research Data Management at Monash University. We're very grateful to Sam Searle, Anthony Beitz, Wilna Macmillan and Andrew Harrison for their input to this.

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Dundee roadshow - final programme & registration

  • Keen to hear about cutting edge research from BBSRC’s Innovator of the year?
  • Interested in integrating your research information and research data systems?
  • Want to learn about RDM in practice from those at the coalface?

Well then get yourself along to the final DCC roadshow in Dundee on 5-6 December!

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The value of a one-to-one

Marieke and I were in Northampton yesterday as part of the DCC institutional engagements. A few months back Miggie suggested we kick off our one-to-one support by running a preliminary 'research data clinic' where we invite researchers to come along and share their RDM problems. This reminded me of a service we used to run via AHDS - researchers could book short consultations around the workshops that we ran. We were all fired up by the idea and put together a poster to advertise it.

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Register for the Dundee roadshow

Registration for the Dundee roadshow is now open!

The event takes place on 5-6 December in the Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee.

Further information, including a draft programme, is available on the event page.

Register here to join us in Dundee!

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Are you really on the map?

Between 18th July and 18th September 2012, Research Office heads or the PVCs Research (or their equivalent) in one hundred UK institutions in receipt of EPSRC funding, were invited to complete an online DCC survey designed to establish reactions to (and the impact from) EPSRC’s call for the development of effective research data roadmaps. For the purpose of this survey we identified HEIs that receive more than 10% of their total funding from research and are currently in receipt of one or more EPSRC grants. This gave us our list of one hundred institutions.

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