Software Preservation Days

23 February, 2011 | in DCC News
By: Angus Whyte

Ahead of the Software Sustainability Institute's forthcoming Collaborations Workshop, outputs from the JISC Software Preservation Workshop have become available. More details follow below, courtesy of Mark Shreeve (reposted from the JISC repositories list).

"We’ve got a summary of the key points from you all<>, as well as the keynote presentations<>. For those of you who couldn’t make the final discussion, there is a record of the interesting questions posed and insightful points<> made. Software-guru Steve Crouch is still taking questions at if anything crops up for you in the future. The highlights from the group sessions are also available: the responsibilities for software preservation<>, and the illustrative examples and challenges arising<>. As a specially requested topic, we’ve also got a brief recap on the licensing issues<>, and an offer of detailed help from JISC Legal<>. "