Where are they now? An RDM update from Loughborough University

The latest in our series of catch-up blog posts is based on discussion with Dave Temple and Jeff Brown at Loughborough University.


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Where are they now? An RDM update from the University of Northampton

The latest in our series of catch-up blog posts is from Miggie Pickton at the University of Northampton.

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Final Results from the DCC RDM 2014 Survey

A final set of results from the DCC survey carried out in April 2014, together with Briefings previously circulated to participants.

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Defining institutional data storage requirements

On Monday the 25th of February, Jisc, in conjunction with Janet and the DCC, hosted a workshop investigating institutional data storage requirements. This event brought together members of central services from a diverse array of HE institutions with a selection of commercial service providers and offered an opportunity for the community to discuss the future shape of research data infrastructure.

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RDM at Monash University

The DCC is pleased to release a case study on the improvement of Research Data Management at Monash University. We're very grateful to Sam Searle, Anthony Beitz, Wilna Macmillan and Andrew Harrison for their input to this.

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Shared storage for research data - advance notice of a requirements workshop

Storage and the potential role of cloud and shared services are issues that arise regularly in the DCC's work with UK universities. We hope, therefore, that a forthcoming event we're planning in collaboration with colleagues in JISC and the JANET brokerage on storage service requirements will prove to be of interest to many.


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TMTOWTDI: Three data repository experiences in UK HE

Three data repository experiences at UK Higher Educational institutions: A report on parallel session 2B on data repositories and storage (group 1) at the JISC Managing Research Data Meeting in Nottingham, 24 October 2012. This session on data repositories and storage considered the repository systems that support storing, depositing and exposing data at three universities. We heard from the University of Hull, the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Lincoln, where repository systems have been set up or extended through funded projects. Three different solutions were described, each fitting a different approach taken by the institution. The examples illustrated the diversity of systems available and how they fit different needs. The presentations considered a variety of repository features that make them one of the cogs in the institutional research data management machinery.

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IDCC11 Session 3B: Environmental data

The presentations in this session looked at different aspects of data creation, storage, and sharing in environmental research. A significant theme was the need to encourage data sharing by researchers by providing them with suitable rewards.

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Organisational perspectives at #idcc11

Summary of presentations in the organisational perspectives session at #idcc11

Data Matters: A view from a research funder
David Lynn, Head of Strategic Planning and Policy, Wellcome Trust
Taking care of the university's research data
Jeff Haywood, Vice Principal Knowledge Management, Chief Information Officer and Librarian, University of Edinburgh
Data Transparency: Managing the legislative risk
Andrew Charlesworth, Director of the Centre for IT and Law (CITL), University of Bristol


Photo (c) Tim Gander

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